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Niechorze and nearby attractions

Niechorze, despite its small size, enjoys a lot of interest from tourists every year, who appreciate wide, clean and sandy beaches. Only 200 permanent residents stay here in low season. This small seaside resort, despite its modest size, has a lot to offer! In addition to the hours spent on the beach, you can visit many interesting places in the area and experience real adventures here.

Beautiful and well-kept beaches are just a humble beginning! Niechorze also boasts seaside dunes, which will surely delight not only true nature fanatics. One of the most popular attractions, which undoubtedly should not be missed, is the Lighthouse in Niechorze and the Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway, which connects as many as 14 coastal towns. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly visit the coast and take advantage of all the entertainment available in the area.


Lighthouse in Niechorze

The lighthouse in Niechorze is situated on a high cliff. The facility was built in 1866 and faced brick was used for its construction.

In the lower part, the base takes the form of a rectangle, while above the outbuildings, it has an octagonal shape. The tower at the corners has protruding pilaster strips, and the planes between them are lined with light yellow brick. There is an observation deck at a height of 37 meters. The lantern is crowned with a lantern covered with a domed roof. Initially, the light source of the lanterns was rapeseed oil, which was used up to 1,500 kilograms per year.

Mrzeżyno – Pogorzelica – Rewal

Cycle paths

People who like an active form of recreation will be pleased that our coastal areas have a great network of bicycle paths.

The popular Velo 10 bicycle route runs along the entire coast, connecting all coastal towns. Bicycles can be rented on site from a private company or from the municipal stadium bike rental.

Trzęsacz – Pogorzelica

Seaside Narrow Gauge Railway

Pogorzelica is one of the stations of the historic narrow-gauge railway. After the railway was taken over by the Rewal commune (2002), the narrow-gauge railway flourished again.

The commune took over the railway with the entire infrastructure, at the same time changing its name to Nadmorska Kolej Narrow-Gauge Railway. The rolling stock, line and infrastructure were renovated and in 2004 the commune obtained a license enabling passenger transport.


Miniature Park and Queues in Niechorze

The Park of Miniatures and Queues in Niechorze is a place where you can feel like Gulliver in the land of Liliputów.

In this picturesque, green area of the park, you can admire miniatures of lighthouses from the Polish coast and replicas of locomotives, wagons and steam locomotives with rolling stock. All this is made by hand, with great care and reproduction of the smallest details and colors.


Sandra SPA

For people who like to swim, we recommend Sandra SPA in Niechorze, which has one of the largest aqua parks in the area. The house is only 280 meters from our houses.

It is an excellent proposition for cloudy or cold days, when the water in the Baltic Sea is unfriendly to people who want to take a water bath. The Aqua Park is a great place for everyone, including children, for whom many attractions await. Safety on the water is guaranteed by experienced lifeguards.


Rewal whales in Rewal

The city authorities placed two whales in the center of Rewal. In fact, they are whale skeletons made of weather-resistant, specially reinforced steel.

The sculptures themselves are two colossi weighing 10 and 5 tons, bearing Latin names: Ventus and Fluctus, which means Wind and Wave. They are located in the central part of the new square, lined with granite slabs. There is also a fountain on the square, the water of which is illuminated after dark. This place, along with the nearby viewing platform, is the center of Rewal.


Czahara’s Sports Stable

We cordially invite you to the Czahara Stable in Pogorzelica – an equestrian education center created by Małgorzata and Marek Lewicki.

In Czahara, horse riding is a family sport in which there are no age barriers. Well-arranged large mounts and friendly ponies await our guests. For advanced riders we guarantee a lot of fun, for beginners – to improve their riding skills, and for those who have not dealt with horses – a large dose of positive energy. We will show you why we love horses and how beautiful horse riding is.


Avenue of Roses and Lovers in Rewal

A beautiful place with alleys planted with exotic plants and shrubs. You can go there along the promenade connecting Niechorze and Rewal. On site, you will also meet the most popular couple in love, and more specifically the Romeo and Juliet statue, with which it is worth taking a commemorative photo.


The Liwia Łuża reserve

It was created in 1959 on an area of over 220ha in order to protect the breeding population, then a rare mute swan. On its territory there is the Liwia Łuża lake, which was created by cutting off the sea bay with the spit.

In the lake, as well as in the canal, you can go fishing. It is possible to buy a fishing license in Niechorze.


Ruins of a gothic church

They are located in nearby Trzęsacz. Only 8 kilometers from Pogorzelica. It is a unique monument, known not only in Poland but also in the world, showing the effect of erosive processes.


Butterfly house in Niechorze

You can admire a lot of both native and exotic species there, and quite up close! If you dream of a walk among butterflies, you must visit this place.

You can also visit attractions such as: