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House regulations


  • These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) define the rules for the provision of house rental services by Sławomir Aleńkuć GOLD-TIME 72-350 Niechorze ul. East 9th Street 8571714240 (hereinafter referred to as Gold-Time) at the resort in Niechorze, ul. Wschodnia 9 (hereinafter referred to as the “Centre”).
  • The booking entity (hereinafter referred to as the “Booker”) and each person using the services of renting houses in the Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Guest”) are required to read the Regulations. By making a down payment for the rental or by signing the registration card, the Reserving Party and the Guest confirm that they accept the terms of the Regulations.
  • Regulations apply to Bookers and all persons in the Center.


  1. The price list for Gold-Time services and additional fees (hereinafter referred to as the “Price List”) is available on the website
  2. Maximum number of guests in one house A1-A6 up to 8 people, A7-A8 up to 6 people
  3. Minimum periods of renting cottages depending on the season are given in the Price List.
  4. Reservation of a house in the Center can be made by phone at +48 510 410 855, via e-mail at or on the website and on portals typ.,,
  5. The Guest may be the Booker or another person indicated by him/her.
  6. A condition for making a reservation is providing full details of the person making the reservation (name, surname, registered address, contact telephone number and e-mail address), providing the name of at least one adult Guest, the number of Guests to whom the reservation applies (broken down into adults and children) and timely payment of the deposit in the amount specified by Gold-Time and resulting from the Price List.
  7. Payment of the advance payment is tantamount to concluding a rental contract between the Reserving Party and Gold-Time, which results in a confirmed reservation.
  8. Failure to pay the entire amount of the deposit resulting from the Price List and booking dates results in termination of the contract described in point 10 and retention of the entire amount of the deposit paid by Gold-time.
  9. In the event of cancellation by the Booker of the reservation, the contract described in point 10. If this occurs less than 31 days before the start date of the rental specified in the confirmed reservation, the Booker will be charged a fee of 100% of the down payment required on that day according to the Price List. The fee will be collected by Gold-Time from the deposit already paid; any difference in payment will be returned to the Booker by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by him/her.
  10. In justified cases, in particular when documenting the circumstances justifying the resignation from the reservation, Gold-Time may refrain from charging the fee described in point 12.
  11. The Reserving Party is not entitled to withdraw from the contract in accordance with art. 38 point 12 of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827)
  12. Payments for Gold-Time services can be made in PLN or Euro, Gold-Time issues 8% VAT invoices.
  13. At least one guest staying in a chalet in a single booking must be checked in.
  14. The Guest’s check-in takes place at the Center by presenting an identity card, signing the registration card and paying additional fees resulting from the Price List. In addition, the keys to the house are issued to selected guests occupying a given house as part of one reservation. In the case of underage guests, it is the responsibility of the adults occupying the cottage with them in one booking to provide their details.
  15. One of the checking-in Guests occupying a given house as part of one reservation is obliged to pay a deposit in the amount resulting from the Price List. The deposit will be settled when the last Guest occupying the cottage under this booking leaves the cottage.
  16. Gold-Time may refuse to accept a Guest who has previously grossly violated the Regulations, in particular by causing damage to property or persons.
  17. If the Guest finds any damage or deficiencies in the received house, the Guest is obliged to immediately report it to the phone number 510410855 sms. Otherwise, he may be charged with the costs of these damages
  18. Checking out of guests takes place by handing over the house to an employee of the Centre, paying service fees and other fees in accordance with the Price List, which arose during the stay of guests, checking the technical condition and equipment of the house by the employee and returning the keys to the house. After check-out, the deposit paid by the Guest is returned to the Guest, however, in the event of damage or deficiencies in the cottage orequipment for which the Guests are at fault, the refunded amount of the deposit will be reduced by the value of the damage estimated by Gold-Time.
  19. The intention to extend the rental period should be reported at the reception desk of the Center by 3:00 p.m. on the day preceding the expiry of the rental period covered by the reservation at the latest. The rental period may be extended only if the Center has available houses.
  20. In the event of shortening the rental period, the Booker is charged with the total amount due to Gold-Time for the booking made. Shortening the rental period should be reported to the Centre’s employee.


  1. The hotel day starts at 16:00 and ends at 11:00.
  2. Quiet hours are from 23:00 to 7:00.
  3. The stay of people under 18 in the Center is allowed only under the care of adults. The stay of children on the playground is allowed under the care of an adult and under their responsibility.
  4. Guests are obliged to keep the house in proper condition, lock the door each time they leave the house and store the keys without access to them by third parties. When leaving the house, guests should turn off all electrical devices and turn off the taps for safety reasons.
  5. It is forbidden to smoke tobacco, tobacco products and e-cigarettes in cottages and other rooms in the Center. Each time the Guest breaks the ban, the Guest will be charged a fine of PLN 500.
  6. It is forbidden to store dangerous items in the cottages, such as weapons, pyrotechnics, etc..
  7. Gold-Time is not responsible for the loss of money, securities, valuables and items of scientific or artistic value by Guests in the Center. Such items are stored by the Guest on the premises of the Center on his/her own responsibility.
  8. The resort is monitored.
  9. It is forbidden for guests to use their own devices in the houses, such as grills (including electric ones), water heaters, heaters, without consulting the Center’s employee. It is forbidden to light bonfires and grills outside the designated areas and to use pyrotechnics, such as firecrackers, fireworks.
  10. It is forbidden to make any changes or modifications to the cottages and their equipment.
  11. It is forbidden to cause excessive noise, unpleasant odors and other circumstances that may be a nuisance to other Guests of the Resort.
  12. All waste should be placed only in containers located in designated places on the premises of the Center, sorting them in accordance with the description of the containers.
  13. For each rented house there is one parking space for a passenger car. The Guest may purchase additional parking spaces for an additional fee according to the Price List, if such spaces are available.
  14. Guests are responsible for damage caused by their fault in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Guests are obliged to immediately inform the management of the Center about the damage caused (to a person or property), for which the Guest is responsible.
  15. Any person not complying with the rules described in the Regulations, behaving in an inappropriate, vulgar or aggressive manner towards the staff of the Center or other persons staying in the Center may be asked to leave the premises of the Center immediately. In the event of refusal to voluntarily leave the premises of the Facility, the police may be called.
  16. Only people who have a reservation for a stay at Gold-Time are allowed to stay in the Gold-Time premises – determined on the basis of a confirmed reservation and full payment. It is allowed to stay with guests of the Center from From 8:00 to 22:00 after informing the management of the Center and obtaining permission.
  17. Each guest who has concluded a contract to stay at Gold-Time is responsible for the behavior of people who stay at the resort together with him or at his invitation, as for his own behavior. In the event of a gross violation of the above-described rules by the Guest or persons who stay with him or at his invitation, it is also possible to terminate the contract concluded with the Guest for staying at the Center with immediate effect, without the right to reimbursement of the costs of stay.< /li>
  18. The resort is not responsible for any damage or theft of a car left in the parking lot, or for the theft of any item left in the vehicle (it is not a keeper).
  19. Only Gold-Time guests are allowed to use the car park
  20. The provisions of the Regulations regarding Guests also apply to persons accommodated together with Guests.

§ 4 PETS

  1. The presence of pets (hereinafter also referred to as “pets”) is allowed on the premises of the RESORT after meeting the rules set out by GOLD-TIME in these regulations.
  2. Pets accepted by GOLD-TIME include: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, canaries/parakeets.
  3. The Center may refuse to accept dogs of the breeds listed in the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration on the list of dog breeds considered aggressive, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods and rodents, as well as other animals considered aggressive by the management of the facility.


  1. The condition for admitting a pet to the RESORT is to report arrival with a pet while making the reservation, specifying the breed/species and confirming such a reservation by GOLD-TIME.
  2. The pet’s stay at the Center is additionally payable. The additional fee is PLN 50 per night.
  3. In the absence of prior notification to the Reception, referred to in §5 sec. 48, GOLD-TIME may refuse to accept an animal.
  4. By deciding to stay at the Center with a pet, the Guest accepts the terms of these Regulations.
  5. GOLD-TIME accepts guests only with healthy pets, with a health book, if it is provided for a given animal, with confirmation of current vaccinations and deworming. The owner of the animal is obliged to have a valid animal health book during the stay in the center and present it at the request of the staff.
  6. GOLD-TIME has the right to refuse to accept sick pets or animals that do not have the required documents confirming the validity of vaccinations and aggressive animals.
  7. The owner of the animal declares that the animal/s are healthy and do not pose a threat to other people and animals.


  1. The owner of the animal is responsible for its behavior in and not disturbing the stay of other guests, in particular during the quiet hours.
  2. The owner of the animal is obliged to exercise constant supervision over it.
  3. Dogs in the area of the Center should be kept on a leash. Other domestic animals must be transported in dedicated transporters. In special cases, GOLD-TIME reserves the right to impose a muzzle order.
  4. Owners of dogs are obliged to regularly take them out of the GOLD-TIME area for physiological purposes. Owners of other animals must have a litter box.
  5. The owner of the animal is obliged to provide the pet with constant access to clean, fresh water, food and necessary things such as a playpen, cage, bowls, drinkers, etc.


  1. The owner is obliged to read these Regulations, sign them and strictly comply with them.
  2. The owner of the pet is financially responsible for all damage caused by him, both to the property of the Center and GOLD-TIME Guests.
  3. Damages caused by the animal to the property of the Center will be individually valued by GOLD-TIME, and the owner will be charged for them.
  4. In the event of repeated complaints from other hotel guests regarding the stay of a pet in the Center and non-compliance with the Regulations of staying with a pet, the Center reserves the right to immediately terminate the stay of Guests with a pet without refunding the fee paid for staying at GOLD-TIME</li >
  5. The owner is also responsible for the immediate removal of any contamination left by the animals. A contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 100 for each identified case may be imposed for neglecting this obligation. The owner is responsible for any contamination of the area and damage caused by animals.


  1.  Date:
  2. Owner’s name:
  3.  House number:
  4.  I, the undersigned, declare that I have read the Regulations of staying with a pet in force at GOLD-TIME, accept its provisions and undertake to strictly comply with it.

Owner Signature

GOLD-TIME houses in Niechorze


  1. Gold-Time is liable for damages caused to the person or property of the Guest in the Center on the principles expressed in generally applicable laws. The guest should notify the reception desk of the damage immediately after finding it.
  2. If the Guest leaves a movable property after checking out of a given house, the Service Provider is obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the Act of February 20, 2015 on found items (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 397) and generally applicable regulations.


  1. Complaints may be submitted for non-performance or improper performance of the agreement by Gold-Time.
  2. A complaint may be lodged within 30 days from the date of finding a default by the Booker or Guest.
  3. Complaints should be submitted immediately after discovering a breach, in writing to the address of Gold-Time’s registered office or via e-mail
  4. The complaint should contain: name, surname and contact details of the applicant, the period of the reservation to which the complaint relates and a description of the failure.
  5. Complaints are considered within 30 days from the date of its delivery. In justified cases, this period may be extended, Gold-Time will inform the applicant about it. In the case of an oral complaint, Gold-Time will endeavor to consider it promptly.


  1. Bookers and Guests agree to the processing of their personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018 by Gold-Time for the purposes of the contract referred to in point 10.
  2. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.
  3. Any disputes between Gold-Time and the Booker or Guest, if they cannot be resolved amicably, shall be resolved by the competent common court.
  4. It is forbidden to sell on the premises of the Center, provide other services and run a business without the consent of Gold-Time.
  5. Gold-Time reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations. Such changes will be announced within 14 days before entering into force and will be sent via e-mail to all Bookers who have made unrealized reservations at the Resort.